Tamilrockers Kannada Movies 2019

Tamilrockers Kannada Movies 2018 – Kannada Cinema Known as Sandalwood in Indian Cinema. Kannada Cinema is the 4th largest cinema in India. Kannada films are released worldwide and over minimum 1000 screens at a time. Kannada film industry is based in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Tamilrockers Kannada Movies

Tamilrockers Kannada Movies

On an average 180 films are released every year by Kannada cinema. Its worth is near to US$180 million. As the population of Karnataka is 64 Million i.e near about same to Tamil Nadu, but the Tamil cinema is more big than it. There are many factors to consider its small size than other industries.

Some Factors to be on 4th position instead of 2nd is lack of the film budgets and less interest of people in Kannada movies. Reason for less interest can be people from other states are living in Karnataka. Films are not promoted in another state and film stars popularity is also less.

So Tamilrockers is where come into play. Rest industry is ruined by sites like these. When they make Kannada movies available online for a watch for free nobody goes and watch it on the screens. All prefer watching for free at their home instead of going to malls and save their money.

With this approach how producers will take risk of investing more money when they will incur losses after the release of a film. Still, 15 films are released a month in Karnataka and watched by people. The initiative needs to be taken against sites like Tamilrockers Uploading Telugu Movies.

As Malayalam industry is in Kerala and Kerala has very less population compared to Karnataka. But both the industry stands near about equals in revenue. Tamilrockers Malayalam Movies are also updated on the site as like other movies in Telugu and Tamil.

Some of the Kannada Movies going to release in 2018 –

  • Chase
  • Orange
  • Garuda
  • Kinaare
  • Yaana
  • Poli
  • Butterfly
  • 8MM
  • Ira
  • KGF
  • Pogaru

And Many More…..

Some of the Best Kannada Best Film Actors –

  • Sudeep
  • Jaggesh
  • Sai Kumar
  • Upendra
  • Sharan
  • Diganth
  • Ajay Rao
  • Harish Raj
  • Srinath
  • Lokesh
  • Prakash Raj

Many things need to be done and improved in Kannada Industry, hope they come up with more bright future and compete with other film industry in India.

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